The Tara Centre Summer Fayre

Today my mum, dad, brother and I went to the Tara Centre Summer Fayre (events). The Tara Centre is a Buddhist study and meditation college about 15 minutes drive away from our home, near the village of Etwall. My dad goes once a week for meditation class, but this was the first time he’d been […]

Sek Loso @ The Garage, London

Edit: You can view a selected set of photos, in higher quality, on my flickr account here. Wahhh, I’m so happy! I just came back from London (just over 2 hours drive away from my home) having gone down there with my younger brother… and dad(!) to see Sek Loso play @ The Garage. It […]

My World View…

Reasonably accurate I would say! You scored as Materialist. Materialism stresses the essence of fundamental particles. Everything that exists is purely physical matter and there is no special force that holds life together. You believe that anything can be explained by breaking it up into its pieces. i.e. the big picture can be understood by […]

The Brilliant Green – Ai no Ai no Hoshi

Thanks to my brother Josh, I’ve got a band to rave about – The Brilliant Green. They’re a Japanese alt-rock band, strongly influenced by american-alternative / brit-pop music, and to my suprise I found were rated in the 10 Ten Bands of All Time! The first song I heard was “Ai no Ai no Hoshi” […]