The Brilliant Green – Ai no Ai no Hoshi

Thanks to my brother Josh, I’ve got a band to rave about – The Brilliant Green. They’re a Japanese alt-rock band, strongly influenced by american-alternative / brit-pop music, and to my suprise I found were rated in the 10 Ten Bands of All Time!

The first song I heard was “Ai no Ai no Hoshi” (listen), from their album Terra2001. It’s fantastic! I’d love to buy the album but at �22 on import it is a bit too pricey :(

So anyway I looked for a translation of the song lyrics and they didn’t disappoint :)

Ai no Ai no Hoshi (The Planet of Love):

Cold drops of water fall, a planet of love is born
I passed through the brilliant light
This world that’s connected to the bad dream I just had
I’ll wipe your excess tears

Just as the floating clouds
Suddenly change their shape
I soon lose sight of the answer I thought I’d found

Even if tomorrow’s sky is clear woo baby
If you fall into the darkness locked in your heart
I’ll bring you back yeah

If we throw away unnecessary feelings
Countless planets will unfold
The light filled with wind and happiness

I’ll break everything
That clouds up your uneasy sky
And soon show you
The landscape of hope

Even on a very rainy day
Woo baby tell me
And I’ll come soon and save you
From the cold threads of rain

Ah it passes
And we can’t turn back again
Like a white flower that blooms
Like the very subtle light

Source: Anime Lyrics

I’ve checked out some others and they’re really good! I highly recommend “I’m So Sorry Baby”, “Rainy Days Never Stays” and “The Angel Song”.

Check out a fantastic fansite here.

One thought on “The Brilliant Green – Ai no Ai no Hoshi

  1. I love Brilliant Green and have one of their album
    I think their first one, the cover is silver.

    Thanks for Ai no ai no hoshi mp3!
    It;s awesome!!!

    to bad they are separated now after Tomoko solo project.

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