Sek Loso @ The Garage, London

Edit: You can view a selected set of photos, in higher quality, on my flickr account here.

Wahhh, I’m so happy! I just came back from London (just over 2 hours drive away from my home) having gone down there with my younger brother… and dad(!) to see Sek Loso play @ The Garage. It was awesome!! The band played really well :D

Last year Sek formed a new band, with guys from the UK – currently it’s Eric on drums, Chris on bass, and Bonehead (ex-Oasis) on rhythm guitar. Let’s hope it stays that way! My brother knows Eric, so we met up with him, his dad, Chris, and Chris’s gf and mother before the set for a drink and a chat :)

Pre-set photo with Sek and my brother Josh. My pic was pants, so it’s remaining hidden :P

It was nice to see quite a few Thai people turn up, smiling away, the girls screaming as Sek came on :P A lot of farang turned up too – also nice to see! Represent!

Eric, the Loso drummer.

Chris, the Loso bassist.

The one and only, Seksan Sook Pimay

More Sek

And more Sek

Video clip: Clicky click :)

It was Bonehead’s birthday, so they brought out a cake in the middle of the show and everyone sang happy birthday to him. They then played a cover of “Live Forever” (an old Oasis song) which was fantastic, running straight into a cover of “Voodoo Chile” by Jimi Hendrix. Awesome.

Video clip: Sek rocking out!

Bonehead, and Sek.

We love you Sek :P

Close up.

After an hour, they finished their set, and bid us goodnight, but everyone started chanting “Loso! Loso! Loso!” wanting more. They came out and played 3 more songs :D

Oh did the girls whoop when he took his top off!

Video clip: Ahh, nice song which I forget the title to now!

Everyone started dancing when they played Som Sarn!

A Thai guy decided to play “poster guitar” in front of Sek on stage haha :D

39 thoughts on “Sek Loso @ The Garage, London

  1. Whoa he sang his thai songs! I thought he would sing in English. Hey this is awesome that he got the showcase there.

    Btw, good shots Robin!

    PS Post your pics!!!

  2. i’ll have to get my hands on a bit of sek.
    his music that is….he probably wouldnt appreciate advances from a slightly sunburnt ginger lad!

  3. Great photos! What a night. I was the big guy with a red t shirt that danced through almost all of it – to my Thai wife’s embarassment!

    I am lost for words for how good it was.

    Did you see the support acts? Dirtblonde was OK, and nostalgic for an old punk like me. At the end of their set I was in tears of laughter as they half heartedly tried to smash up the stage.

    Great night.


  4. Hey, man, youv’e just made our day! You can hear my wife, Iang, singing along in the video clip. Wow! Got any more?

  5. Oy: He sang some Thai and some English songs! I’m glad he sang some Thai songs because they’re the ones I recognise most!
    P.S. I was only in a couples of pics, both turned out poor quality haha. I’d rather post the good quality ones!

    Ian: I’ll let you borrow my CDs man :D

    Jiffy: Show me the pics Jip! I wanna see you when you’re young hahaha.


    Hey Ian (and Iang): Thanks for your comments – yeah it was a fantastic evening! I didn’t notice you dancing? Maybe you were behind us! I’m suprised Iang wasn’t dancing with you haha :D

    Dirt Blonde were ok yeah, tho when Sek came on I realised how bad they were in comparison :P The attempted smash up was very lame!

    I wish I’d taken my digital video camera, I find myself watching these video clips not wanting them to end! I have more, and shall post them soon :)

    Glad you enjoyed the photos and video! If you have any cool pics I’d love to see them :)

  6. The vidoe IS great. But here’s something funny. Take look at it again and look at Bonehead on the left. What’s happened to his legs? He’s turned into some kind of leprichaun with flowers on his legs, sitting on the monitor and picking his knee?.


    NB Wife is Iang, with an I, meaning mynah bird in Thai. Causes a lot of confusion as I am Ian . . . She is a great dancer, but would I be right to think Thais are a bit self concious about dancing at concerts?

  7. Thank you for the comment on my blog.
    I am Japanese, and I am teaching Japanese. Please come to Japan to teach (what?). I also HATE smoking.
    I am very expecting to see the more photos or videos.

  8. Hi, I’m the one used to join in a production advertise spot of M150 in Thailand.Of Course I met Sek there and talk to him when he’s on free.He really politely and friendly.But He always take on his guitar anytime even on free.Ha Ha..!! This caractor as same Jimi Hendrix..So he show me a session of Jimi too,(Voodoo Chile,Hey Joe,Little Wing,Purple Haze,Wind cries Mary..Etc.)He said,his favorite inspiration is “Hendrix”.This’s also a Coolz Thai Guitarist that I ever know.Sek’s very good at Blues n Rock’n Roll.But Also like to use Pentatonic Minor scale too.Ha Ha!He’s the one.And I’m not surprise for his information in Thailand about him to play Gratonbury Fest..Coolz!!!After that I also see him some times through the shows and back stage as a friend.All Loso Album is included many nice songs but I think that’s not the way he really’d like to.He has more ideas that coolz freaker to rock out than that.I do believe..!!


  9. Robin – big respect for posting up this stuff only 4 hours after the gig – wow ! – we were well asleep by then !.We’re absolutely stunned by your photos as we discovered this site by accident yesterday – very glad we did.We were the couple both wearing black dancing up front.Your photos are much better than ours.We can’t see the video clips though – we only have slow dial up.

    We would love it if you could post us a cd with all your stuff from that night – we’ll do the same in return.

    A message to Ian B & Lang – sorry we’ve not been in touch – we lost your e-mail address.We’ll try again through Robin here.

    I think we can all agree that it was a fantastic set by Sek & the band. It was the first time we had seen him – we never had the chance in Thailand & we had to come from Saudi Arabia for this gig !.It was a very memorable & special night.See you at the next one !!.

    Big thanks !- Andy & Som

  10. Fantastic. It’s great to see such a talented artist gaining world-wide recognition. I’ve long immensely enjoyed Sek’s
    brilliant music in karaoke bars throughout Thailand. My hero. I thought music had died, before you. Your Music Is My Religion !

  11. Yesterday I had a concert of Sek Loso, but in Holland, and now I’m doing some research.. :p But you have very nice pictures of him! I like Sek very much! He kissed me before he went away and he asked some people who helped there for my phone number! | I wonder if he’s gonna call me.. :p Oh my God he’s so good!!!!!!!!!! :|

  12. hi!! im from london but i study Thai as my degree and i loooove LOSO i can’t believe i missed him in London – please let me know is he coming here again soon na kaaaaa


  14. Hello Robin,

    I’m asking on behalf or (a new website for Sek Loso fans) if they could use the images & video from this page to put on their site. They have a DVD that I made up combining your and my images & video from that night. They would like to air that too. We’d appreciate your comments & wishes.


  15. gosh!!!! my husband love loso’s music so much that we have named our new born son after him ain’t that funnie lol whellah gottah go oh yea nice pictures……

  16. I’m spreading the word about how great Sek is here Down Under – with good responses from non-Thai Aussie friends.
    Hopefully Sek will tour Oz before too long – with many Thais here, and more and more Aussies finding out how great he sounds, there’s no doubt a tour would be a success.
    Meanwhile, does anyone know how I can buy his English-language album, with the song “Love Is My Religion” on it? It’s the only Loso album I don’t have – and can’t find it anywhere in Thailand !

  17. Uh, Sek has legend status also…! You just haven’t heard of him I guess because you’re not Thai / a Thailand fan :)

    If you heard them play, you would understand why Bonehead was there perhaps :)

  18. My cousin drummer was in Loso band (Yai). They had a breakup after their personal matters or whatever, I don’t know. I had been to their shows in Ubon (my hometown) a few times, for free, hehehe. And now I’m doing a course in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Sek’s ability on his guitar is awesome. I wish you three would return to that fucking band again. You know, those albums in the early times of Loso were fucking good.

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    Thanks a lots to send this information around you !!!

    26 april 2008 in Paris, 30 april 2008 in Genas (15 min Lyon) and 3 may 2008 in Ozoir-La-Ferrière (15 min Paris)

  20. I’m form north Tai state near by Thailand .I have listening a lot of songs .Loso is one of my like best .His song is standard . His song is so good .And style of his singing is so freely ,I like it .I like his free style .Your songs are so good more than i can say.

  21. hello . im from UAE im the most one how like Loso songs an i can sing it to .. im looking forward to meet loso on 1 day…… loso Bom Yag Hen Tor Wan Ning …. Kap 04/07/09

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