The Tara Centre Summer Fayre

Today my mum, dad, brother and I went to the Tara Centre Summer Fayre (events). The Tara Centre is a Buddhist study and meditation college about 15 minutes drive away from our home, near the village of Etwall. My dad goes once a week for meditation class, but this was the first time he’d been to look around the place more closely, so it was a first for all of us.

Ashe Hall
– Ashe Hall, the main building at The Tara Centre.

Despite the place being very busy (great! lots of money raised I hope!), it seemed really lovely – gorgeous surroundings! I can imagine it would be incredibly peaceful during times of normality. Situated within 38 acres of woodland and fields you get the feeling that you could really escape from the comparitively fast-paced “real world”, which is kind of the point really!

Peaceful Moment
– Catching a peaceful moment, away from the day’s events.

The Barn Retreat
– The Barn Retreat, where you can stay during your time at Ashe Hall.

Dad introduced me to a young woman called Choweng, who is a nun living at the college. Vietnamese, born and raised in Australia, set out to the UK to travel and ended up at the Tara Centre and never left! That was 4 years ago. Quite amazing really. She was very nice and encouraged me to come and stay… though I’d already decided that it was something I definitely wanted to do. Dad has offered to pay for me to stay for 1 week (�165 including food and accomodation)… though if possible I think I’d like to pay the extra and stay for 1 month (�380 total). Even though a week would be great, it might be too short to make any real impact on my psych�, so assuming I have the time (which I think I will) I’d rather try and last a month :)

All in all a nice day, with nice people, in the english countryside, with lovely weather! :)

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