Goodbye Dec, but not forever!

A quick post to say, Dec left England yesterday. He’s meeting his girlfriend for 3 months in Thailand, before they both move on to Australia to lounge around, then find some work (they have work visas sorted out). Of course we’ll miss him loads, but we’re very jealous and taking our hats off to him […]

Tony Takitani

“This film looks good, it’s about some Japanese guy who is in love with a younger girl.“, my friend Matthew said. “Never heard of it.” I replied. He showed me the trailer. The music, the Japanese man… as soon as I saw him sitting at the cold, clinical kitchen table eating that salad I thought… […]

Haruki Murakami, Pinball 1973 (English).

Hahahahaha! I have a copy of Haruki Murakami’s Pinball 1973, in English! Unfortunately though I won’t get to see it for about 2 months as I’m abroad right now (Thailand) and its only just arrived at my home. As soon as I get home I’ll photograph it and pop some photos on here. I won’t […]