Addicted to Threadless T-Shirts – Updated!

I think I have an addiction to

I’m not a materialistic guy at all, but some of these tops are just so achingly slick that I simply *have* to buy them! They’re so original, so funky, and so crazy in some cases… I’ve never seen any t-shirts in the highstreet that rival the designs here – even a lot of the submissions that don’t make it into print are great! They’re cheap too, and actually end up being cheaper (from the USA to the UK) than the standard print t-shirts in Topman (which are crap anyway, don’t get me started on their booze/sex/football/laddy slogans that try to be witty). Screw designer labels, get something different, get something from a company that cares :D

T-shirts brought so far:

Product 49: Conformity
Product 59: Bleeding Heart
Bleeding Heart (in red and black)
Product 69: I Love You, CPU
I Love You, CPU
Product 70: Burn
Burn (in blue)
Product 71: 5311 OU7
5311 OU7 (x2)
Product 77: Death Or Glory
Death Or Glory (x2)
Product 93: Brainwash
Brainwash (in beige)
Product 95: Eighties Child
Eighties Child
Product 109: I Am Analog
I Am Analog
Product 148: I Like Trees Too
I Like Trees Too
Product 149: mmm... oranges!
mmm… oranges!
Product 154: Motovino
Product 179: Captain Awesome
Captain Awesome
Product 201: Blame It On Your TV
Blame It On Your TV
Product 204: Emotional Trip
Emotional Trip
Product 114: Flowers in the Attic
Flowers in the Attic
Product 225: My Dearest Friend
My Dearest Friend
Product 227: Like Father Like Son
Like Father Like Son
Product 335: Come Back To Me
Come Back To Me
Product 350: Walk Instead
Walk Instead
Product 356: Lost A Wheel
Lost A Wheel
Product 383: The Communist Party
The Communist Party

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