Embikes.com – Scam site!

I came across Edward Murray bikes whilst searching for Kona Jake The Snake cross bikes. They were offering a seemingly impossible 30% off all orders placed before April 31st 2009 which seemed too good to be true so I decided to investigate.

  1. Using DNStools.com it’s possible to see that the domain was registered on the 18th Feb 2009. Has the site only just appeared? If so, why? They have “blog/news” articles dating back to 2002.
  2. For some reason, the robots.txt has been used to block a whole host of internet search engines. Why? A domain history in the “Way Back Machine” is blocked too.
  3. The checkout process is insecure, carried out entirely over http:// rather than https://
    Take a look at a few of the checkout options:
    Enter your credit card details, over standard http! Haha, I think not.

  4. They display a truste.org seal on their homepage. On a legitable website clicking this would redirect your browser to the truste.org website, which would subsequently display some kind of seal of approval. On this site however clicking it takes you to a copied version of the truste.org verification page, hosted on their own server. Here it is. Unsurprisingly when searching for seal holders on the truste website Embikes are not there, meaning they do not hold any seal of approval at current.
  5. Almost every product has 1 review, and of course those reviews are always 5 stars.
  6. They have all the bikes in the entire world in stock! Ok, not quite… but they have more than well known online retailers have. For instance, I could apparently choose any size Jake the Snake from the past 3 years (2007-2009 models). Unlikely.
  7. I entered a brief email correspondance with the “owner” about purchasing a bike. As soon as I asked for some reassurance on the authenticitiy of their site (by providing some of the above concerns), all correspondance stopped.
  8. Worryingly I found this site through Google Shopping. I haven’t yet found a way of reporting fraudulent shops but when I do I’ll be sure to send my “evidence” their way.

    Update: Embikes.com no longer appears in Google Shopping results. I wonder how much money they made away with though :/

10 thoughts on “Embikes.com – Scam site!

  1. Thanks man,
    I was looking into this as well and found your blog as I (and my wife) were more than suspect of this offer. I tried calling their LA office and all I got was a voicemail.

    If it seems to good to be true….

    Thanks again.

  2. Hi! Thanks but too late for me! they had me for £1400!!! wish I had seen this info sooner.
    Thanks anyway

  3. Thanks for the info, I almost got scammed till I saw your story. Hopefully more people will see this and avoid these scammers.

  4. I have managed to get £400 back only as that was the balance in the scammers bank account when it was shut down by the Spainish bank. NO BIKE, NO £1000.

    1. It’s good you managed to get some back, although losing £1000 is really harsh :( I wonder how many other people were scammed by them!

  5. Nearly had for over £1k – bells rang when our first transfer to a bank account was returned and were asked to send to another, then when that failed to make an unprotected moneygram transfer!!

  6. Thanks for posting this, I was very suspicious. Western Union as the only payment method set of my scam alert. I sent email to them enquiry about order bike. Than I decided to canceled because the payment method. Western Union’s agent warned me don’t do it. Than they sent me email: Hello …,

    3 days ago you indicated interest in ordering a bike on our website.
    But, we did not hear from you since then.
    Would you like to order at this point, or do you still have further questions?


    The Embikes Sales Team
    http://www.embikes.com SCAM BEAWARE

  7. I have also become a victim of EMBIKES scam for £422. I placed an order and made the payment through MoneyGram with Royal Mail. I have filed a crime report with the Police, I have also lodged a complaint with MoneyGram who will be reporting EMBIKES and James Jowel to the Spanish Authorities. I hope these people are caught… Thanks for posting this information, I wish I had of seen this prior to the purchase…

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