Derby 10K 2011!

Well, I did it! My second 10K, and I managed a sub 40 minute time finishing in the top 2.9% (3011 runners) :) My legs are aching, but I’m pretty happy with the result (full results link here).

I’m primarily a cyclist (or at least, trying to be) so sacrificing training sessions for running has been difficult, especially as I’ve just come of the back of a very mediocre cyclo-cross season and I’m wanting to smash the miles ready for the coming season in September!

I use Endomondo for tracking all my training and I love the statistics page (data, mmmm). I knew that last year I did 40 miles worth of training for the 10K with a sub 45 time, and so this year I aimed to run roughly double that in the hope of running a sub 41. In the end, I did 78 miles of training, which included a 40:34 10K training run so I knew I stood a good chance of a sub 40 today:

running stats

Wellllllllllllllll, I said before the race that if I ran a sub 40 I would be able to retire from running happy. Of course, I know now that this isn’t true and I’m already thinking about lowering it to a sub 37 ;) I don’t even like running!

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