Capdase 180A MKeeper Camera Case

The lovely fellows over at Love Cases kindly offered to send me a free Nikon D3100 case to review for the camera that I bought in March; I didn’t say no! It’s called the “Capdase 180A MKeeper”. Goodness knows who came up with that name but that doesn’t matter! I have to say I’m extremely impressed with it and wouldn’t hesitate to buy it at it’s current price of £17.95. My brother has subsequently bought one after seeing mine, and my Dad is going to purchase one for his new camera also.

Note that the case is only big enough for 1 lens though. If you have two lenses (which I can’t justify) then perhaps the larger model would suit: Capdase 270A.

From the front, minus the main strap (which attaches via study plastic clips to the side):

A close up showing the quality of the fabric/weave. It seems resistant to buffs, scuffs and nicks so far:

The front pocket. Large enough for a few batteries and other bits:

The inside. Additional pocket inside the top flap, and a removable velcro fitting in case you want to keep the lens separate from the body:

From a tiny zip pocket at the back, a pull out waterproof(?)/resistant cover!

For a wider range of bags for all cameras check out: dslr camera bag.

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