Derby 10K 2013 Start List

Though the Sporting-Futures website has improved greatly over the past few years I still had a bit of trouble finding the start list. Here is it (a link that is present on the actual entry form page but nowhere else): Good luck everyone :)

Catching Virtual Machine questions with PowerCLI

As part of our VM-template, template-VM conversion process at work (which I’ve automated via a webpage as discussed in my previous post “Executing Powershell using PHP and IIS“), I had to find a way to handle the VM question “This VM has questions that must be answered before the operation can continue” when attempting to […]

Importing to VUM results in an error

In order to install cross_cisco-vem-v140- to our vCenter 5 / ESXi 5 / Cisco 1000V environment we attempted to add the following VEM to VMware Update Manager (VUM): (extracted from Unfortunately on first attempt we received an error along the lines of “invalid vendor code CSCO in patch metadata, another vendor code with […]

Behind the Barriers – All Videos

As finding episodes for this show isn’t that easy on Vimeo (try a search for “behind the barriers episode 2” 2and you won’t find what you’re looking for) I decided to make a list of all the episodes so that I could easily view them when I found time. Hope this makes things easier for […]