Books for the Year

When asked at work about my New Year’s resolutions I proudly exclaimed that it was my intention to read more books not related to computing. I had picked out twelve; one for every month of the year. A noble and virtuous aim, or so I thought. My colleague then mentioned that someone else within the […]

New Year’s Resolutions for 2010

My New Year’s Resolutions are usually very similar each year – self improve with regard to fitness, both mental and physical, and work hard in my profession. This year I’m trying to set more explicit goals; rather than “read more”, I’ve set a target of reading a book a month. It may not sound like […] – Scam site!

I came across Edward Murray bikes whilst searching for Kona Jake The Snake cross bikes. They were offering a seemingly impossible 30% off all orders placed before April 31st 2009 which seemed too good to be true so I decided to investigate. Using it’s possible to see that the domain was registered on the […]

Ulia and Rai.

I stumbled across Rai about a year ago now whilst browsing Now there are many quality photographers on this site, and Rai is no exception… but the thing that really made him stand out from crowd was his photographic dedication to his partner Ulia… or who he lovingly refers to as his “Muse“… an […]

Top Web 2.0

Michael Arrington of has written (updated) a very handy article listing some excellent Web 2.0 companies you should get to grips with. I can’t say I use all of them but I do use a fair few (Flickr, Gmail, Netvibes, Digg, WordPress, Skype, Youtube), and I love them. I dare say I’ll be signing […]

Goodbye Dec, but not forever!

A quick post to say, Dec left England yesterday. He’s meeting his girlfriend for 3 months in Thailand, before they both move on to Australia to lounge around, then find some work (they have work visas sorted out). Of course we’ll miss him loads, but we’re very jealous and taking our hats off to him […]