SQL Query for WSUS 3 Needed Updates

I wanted an SQL query to retrieve the number of updates “required” by our clients / computers managed by WSUS. Most of the advice online seemed to be applicable only to WSUS 2. With a few tweaks to an existing script I managed to get a working SQL query (key: ComputerID now seems to be […]

Books for the Year

When asked at work about my New Year’s resolutions I proudly exclaimed that it was my intention to read more books not related to computing. I had picked out twelve; one for every month of the year. A noble and virtuous aim, or so I thought. My colleague then mentioned that someone else within the […]

New Year’s Resolutions for 2010

My New Year’s Resolutions are usually very similar each year – self improve with regard to fitness, both mental and physical, and work hard in my profession. This year I’m trying to set more explicit goals; rather than “read more”, I’ve set a target of reading a book a month. It may not sound like […]