The Fight Back to Fitness, Part 2

I wrote quite some time ago about my attempt to find some fitness after almost 10 years off the bike. To be clear, I’m never ever going to stand on a podium. I probably won’t ever make the top 20 in the local cross league but I do want to better myself and crucially, my […]

Derby 10K 2011!

Well, I did it! My second 10K, and I managed a sub 40 minute time finishing in the top 2.9% (3011 runners) :) My legs are aching, but I’m pretty happy with the result (full results link here). I’m primarily a cyclist (or at least, trying to be) so sacrificing training sessions for running has […]

Improvements and Suggestions for Endomondo

I’ve recently started using Endomondo on my HTC Desire to track my cycling and thankfully it’s been completely issue free. I love it, although there is room for improvement. Eventually this could be a service worth paying a monthly subscription for (they must surely be funding this through venture capital at the moment). In no […]

The fight back to fitness

At age 28 and 10 years on, I have finally found the motivation to once again start cycling properly. In the back of my mind I’ve always told myself that I’d cycle and race again but life, travelling, relationships, work, and shamefully a bit of laziness have taken a priority (entirely my choice I have […]