PowerCLI 6.0 and PSModulePath

This article is to look at the problems with PSModulePath when installing PowerCLI 6.0 on Windows 10 (I’m aware that it is not yet certified for Win 10). The problem does not occur with the NetApp Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit (as noted at the bottom). On a clean installation of Windows 10 we can observe […]

Office 365, PowerShell, SKUs and Service Plans

Working with Office 365 licensing and PowerShell can get a little confusing with SKU names like “STANDARDWOFFPACK_IW_FACULTY” and plan names like “MCOSTANDARD” (which is Skype, of all things!). In order to help reporting and management, I wrote a couple of advanced functions to translate SkuPartNumber and ServicePlanName into friendly names as shown in the Office […]

The Curious Case of PowerShell Module Autoloading with Multiple Nested Modules

As part of a new project at work I wanted to move towards converting our PowerShell function libraries into PowerShell modules. After some discussion we decided that rather than having multiple functions within a singular .PS1 file (and dot sourcing to pull it in), we wanted one function per file and to pull those in […]

PowerShell and Notify My Android (NMA)

Here is a PowerShell function which wraps around the Notify My Android notification API call. You can use it in your environment to Notify Android devices when you like. Please note that line 57 below, that reads as

should actually be [ x m l ] $webpage (without spaces) so you will need to manually […]

Generating Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan) files with PowerShell

When I stumbled across this article on IT Pro in June this year a knowing smile crept across my face. The author had discovered an extremely handy tool for managing multiple remote desktop connections and seemingly puzzled over why it wasn’t more well known; my thoughts exactly. I found this utility about 3 years ago […]

Yet Another Invoke-SSH PowerShell Function (thanks PS Fab)

As part of a writing a decommission server PowerShell script at work, I had a requirement for a quick and easy SSH function to connect to our NetBackup server at work and remove the server from the backup system (Symantec if you’re reading this, please can we have a PowerShell module? *wishful thinking*…). Not quite […]

Catching Virtual Machine questions with PowerCLI

As part of our VM-template, template-VM conversion process at work (which I’ve automated via a webpage as discussed in my previous post “Executing Powershell using PHP and IIS“), I had to find a way to handle the VM question “This VM has questions that must be answered before the operation can continue” when attempting to […]